Keeping Up with Semi Trailer Maintenance

Keeping Up with Semi Trailer Maintenance

With so much focus on general maintenance falling on trucks themselves, semi-trailers too often are neglected of services they need to remain in prime operating condition. Just because trailers do not have engines of their own doesn't mean there aren't a variety of maintenance tasks that are required to keep them safe and reliable. At Billy Bob's Repair & Tire, we offer complete semi-trailer repair and semi-trailer maintenance in San Antonio, ensuring your haul makes it safely to its destination. But what exactly is trailer maintenance and why is it necessary?

What are the Benefits of Semi Trailer Maintenance?

There are numerous advantages to maintaining your trailers according to manufacturer recommendations or a service schedule that better fits your driving habits. By conducting truck trailer maintenance, the details of which we'll explore in a moment, you'll be able to enjoy better fuel efficiency, decreased out-of-service time, which leads to increased hours on the road, and your truck and trailer combo will be safer to operate. All of these results in staying compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which can issue penalties for ill-cared for trailers. The FMCSA, the part of the US government that oversees commercial vehicle regulations, states drivers, equipment providers and operators must regularly inspect, repair and maintain all motor vehicles and intermodal equipment subject to its control.

What is Semi Trailer Maintenance?

The exact needs of a trailer will vary based on its make and model, but routine trailer maintenance generally includes many tasks commonly associated with motorized vehicles. This can include inspecting and changing tires to avoid blowouts and other tire failures, inspecting and replacing suspension components, servicing the undercarriage and axles, ensuring all lighting is operating properly, and making sure all necessary semi trailer parts are lubricated, such as around the kingpin, 5th wheel pivot and plates, drag link and main rail.

Additionally, you'll want to regularly inspect any safety mechanisms that help secure freight, doors and other loose components. Before hitting the road, all tie downs, ratchets, straps and winches should be inspected. If any are found to be inoperable or otherwise damaged, they should be replaced. Last, but certainly not least, semi-trailer brakes should be well cared for, as they're responsible for stopping huge amounts of weight. While each trailer braking system will have different lifespans, it's important to pay attention to performance and schedule routine inspections so the chance of trailer brake failure is minimized.

Semi Trailer Maintenance in San Antonio

When it is time for semi trailer maintenance or semi trailer repair in San Antonio, come see the team at Billy Bob's Repair & Tire. Our crew is highly skilled at all aspects of trailer services, including fixing brakes, electrical problems and chassis issues. To learn more, or to schedule heavy duty trailer maintenance, visit our facility or give us a call at (210) 796-3891. We can set up in-shop or roadside trailer repair service in San Antonio for any make or model.

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Posted: September 2021

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