Overlooked Tips to Maximize Heavy Equipment Performance

Overlooked Tips to Maximize Heavy Equipment Performance

Overlooked Tips to Maximize Heavy Equipment PerformanceHeavy equipment like bulldozers and excavators are put through the paces on a daily basis. While they do the heavy lifting, quite literally, it is not uncommon for their owners and operators to forgo routine maintenance. Whether in hopes of saving a buck or working through a time crunch, putting off heavy equipment services could bring the job to a grinding halt. The team at Billy Bob's Repair & Tire, which offers expert heavy equipment service in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, offers these tips to prevent breakdowns and to keep your machinery operating like new.

Tire & Tread Checks

Tires for heavy equipment are not cheap. Be sure to check air pressure before each operating day to minimize the chances of damage. As for your tracks, keeping them clean and trying not to spin tracks will extend their life.

Routine Washing

Believe it or not, regularly washing your equipment can improve operations. How? Dirty machinery makes it more difficult to spot wear and tear, fluid leaks and dirt can get into filters and other parts, which can drastically reduce performance.

Regular Air Filter Checks

It's wise to regularly check air filters to ensure the engine can get enough clean air to operate at maximum capacity. Many worksites are quite dusty, causing air filters to become clogged quite easily. A clogged air filter can increase fuel consumption and decrease power, so check it often to make sure it is clean.

Heavy Equipment Cooling System Service

The cooling system is a vital component of your construction equipment. Be sure not to skip cooling system maintenance, which is recommended by manufacturers at certain operating intervals to prevent extensive engine damage.

Keep a Maintenance Log

Be sure to keep an operating and maintenance log for your heavy machinery so that you know what has been done and what needs to be done to keep it healthy. At Billy Bob's we can help you keep track of this information, ensuring you're able to maximize the ROI on your equipment investment.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance in San Antonio

When you need professional maintenance for heavy equipment in San Antonio, the team at Billy Bob's Repair and Tire is ready to help. No matter what sort of vehicles you're operating, including construction equipment or agricultural equipment, we can service and repair it. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for the cost of heavy equipment repair in San Antonio, please give us a call at (210) 796-3891. We look forward to assisting you.

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Posted: February 2022

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