Never Delay these Semi Truck Repairs

Never Delay these Semi Truck Repairs

When it comes to semi truck trouble, there are some issues that can wait, though many others require immediate attention. Problems that affect reliability or safety should be addressed as soon as they become apparent to prevent breakdowns or accidents. If your big rig shows any indication that the following services are necessary, visit a reputable semi truck repair shop near you as soon as possible. Better yet, call a roadside semi truck repair service and let the truck mechanics come to your location. In either case, do not delay repairs, for it is ultimately up to you, the driver, to keep your truck healthy.

Air Brake Repair

For optimal safety, it's critical that your truck's air brakes are functioning as designed. For one, if water is getting into the air reservoir, then you may be due for a new air dryer cartridge. Also, brake shoes that are sticking or misaligned mean that you'll want to have an air brake specialist conduct an inspection and complete semi truck brake repairs as needed.

Diesel Engine Repair

Your truck's diesel engine endures significant stress as it hauls heavy loads across vast distances. If you believe your truck is experiencing trouble under the hood, you'll want to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent issues from getting any worse. Common signs of diesel semi truck engine trouble include odd noises, decreased power or a drop in fuel efficiency.

Semi Truck Transmission Repair

If not taken care of quickly, a failing semi truck transmission could put a decent dent in your wallet due to the cost of transmission repair and vehicle downtime. Signs that your rig is experiencing transmission trouble include unusual noises while shifting, gear slippage, leaking transmission fluid, and low power while accelerating. Visiting a truck transmission shop as soon as a problem appears will keep repair costs and downtime to a minimum.

Cooling System Repair

To prevent overheating from causing major engine problems, it's very important that your truck's cooling system components are functioning properly. Common reasons that semi trucks overheat include failing thermostats, faulty water pumps, and coolant leaks. If your temperature gauge indicates a warm engine, pull over as soon as possible to prevent additional damage. Then call a roadside semi truck repair team to get the issue diagnosed and properly fixed.

24/7 Roadside Semi Truck Repair in San Antonio

Because truck drivers don't follow a 9 to 5 schedule, neither will a reputable semi truck mechanic. No matter if your truck breaks down at high noon or at the darkest hour of night, call Billy Bob's Repair & Tire if you're near San Antonio and we will quickly dispatch a truck mechanic to complete roadside semi truck repairs. We strive to provide fast and accurate semi truck repair to minimize downtime. Give our team a call at (210) 796-3891 to request in shop or roadside semi truck repair in San Antonio and the surrounding area.

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Posted: February 20, 2021

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