Semi Truck Tire Maintenance in San Antonio Keeps you On the Road

Semi Truck Tire Maintenance in San Antonio Keeps you On the Road

Semi Truck Tire Maintenance in San Antonio Keeps you On the RoadAs a truck driver, healthy tires are a must for a successful haul. By practicing good truck tire maintenance, you can help reduce the chances of blowouts, flats and unnecessary wear to your current rubber, keeping you safely on the road longer. Not only do properly maintained tires help reduce the chances of accidents caused by flat tires, but it can save you money by maximizing fuel efficiency and decreasing how often you need to purchase new semi truck tires. At Billy Bob's Repair & Tire, we perform expert truck tire maintenance in San Antonio.

Semi Truck Tire Maintenance Tips

There are several things we can do at our local semi shop to help keep your tires healthy. Among the services we provide are maintaining consistent tire pressure and performing semi truck tire rotations, which should be done every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Both of these will elongate tire life and maximize fuel efficiency. Additionally, we can wash away road salt, grease and other grime that can cause tire deterioration.

Another way to keep tires healthy is to let our team complete a semi truck wheel alignment in San Antonio. This service will ensure that tires wear correctly and that the vehicle is easy to handle. You can often tell when it is time for a semi wheel alignment because the vehicle will pull to one side or the steering wheel will vibrate while driving straight.

Truck Tire Maintenance in San Antonio

Whether you're a local trucker or just passing through, the team at Billy Bob's Repair & Tire can help with any semi truck tire services in San Antonio. From tire repair and maintenance to installing new semi tires in San Antonio, our shop does it all. Give us a call at (210) 796-3891 or stop by our semi tire shop to learn more or to receive an estimate.

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Posted: October 2021

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