6 Signs of Diesel Engine Trouble

6 Signs of Diesel Engine Trouble

As your semi-truck hauls heavy loads across long distances, your diesel engine works extremely hard to carry the weight. Eventually, the wear and tear can lead to problems arising with your diesel engine. At the first indication of a problem, you'll want to have diagnostics conducted by a mechanic who specializes in diesel engine repairs. Here's a look at six symptoms of diesel engine trouble.

Power Loss

If you've noticed that your semi-truck has lost a significant amount of power, then there's cause for concern. You rely on this power to safely haul loads up steep inclines and want to make sure that you're always operating at full strength. A loss of power could be caused by worn-out head gaskets, piston rings, and valves.

Worsening Fuel-Efficiency

A decrease in fuel-economy could mean that you're driving with damaged fuel injectors or rings. Failing injectors may allow excessive diesel to leak into the chamber, which can consequently cause serious diesel engine trouble.

Excessive Oil Consumption

This is likely an indication of an oil leak. If you suspect your diesel engine is leaking oil, you'll want to be proactive about addressing this issue before major engine trouble develops. Piston rings and cylinder liners are sometimes the sources of leaks.

Blue Smoke

This is a sign that the engine is burning oil, perhaps due to a worn cylinder. This could also be an indication of an oil leak. It's best to quickly have this issue inspected so the underlying problem can be diagnosed and addressed.

Struggles to Start

There are various issues that could cause a diesel engine to have difficulty with starting up. The problem could be with worn-out combustion chamber parts.

Strange Noises

A knocking noise suggests a combustion timing problem or contaminated oil. A worn-out piston skirt could also cause this sound. If you hear a clunking noise, you could be dealing with a bad main or rod bearing.

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Posted: September 30, 2020

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