Helpful Tips for Boosting Semi Truck Fuel Mileage

Helpful Tips for Boosting Semi Truck Fuel Mileage

While your big rig might not get the best fuel mileage, you still want to keep your fuel expenditures to a minimum. By taking certain measures, you can help to keep your expenses low as you drive long expanses. Here's a look at five easy ways to improve semi truck fuel-efficiency.

Correct Tire Inflation

For each tire that is 10 psi underinflated, your fuel mileage could decrease by 1%. Over the course of many miles, this can add up to a significant chunk of change, making it important that you maintain proper tire inflation. As a general guideline, you should follow the recommended tire pressure listed on the side of the tire.

Don't Overload

Even though the truck can handle a heavy load, that doesn't necessarily mean you should take on extra weight. As you traverse vast distances, every extra pound has an effect on fuel-efficiency and can ultimately put a significant dent in the bottom line.

No Unnecessary Idling

Anytime that you pull over to rest for a bit, you can preserve fuel by shutting off your engine until you're ready to get back on the road. Auxiliary power units (APUs) are a good alternative to idling your main engine.

Adhere to Speed Limit

While you might want to get to your destination as soon as possible, exceeding the speed limit can cause a dip in fuel mileage---not to mention put you at risk of a ticket! Generally, driving over 65 mph can start to cause a drop in fuel-efficiency.

Gradual Acceleration

If you stomp on the throttle, your engine may become overworked and respond by burning up an excessive amount of fuel. Gentle acceleration will help to optimize fuel-efficiency and keep your engine running efficiently.

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Posted: August 06, 2020

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