3 Signs it is Time for New Agricultural Tires

3 Signs it is Time for New Agricultural Tires

Agricultural equipment, such as tractors, combines and harvesters, are major investments required for many types of farming operations. To make sure that these pieces of machinery continue to perform as designed, routine maintenance is necessary. A primary part of that maintenance is proper tire care, and recognizing when new farm equipment tires are needed. Disregarding tractor tire health can result in vehicles and equipment that do not perform well, cost more than necessary to operate, or are completely inoperable, which will be harmful to the business' bottom line. To prevent these types of issues from occurring, be on the lookout for these signs it is time for new agricultural tires.

Visual Signs of Wear & Dry Rot

Routine inspections of farm equipment should be completed to make sure the entire machine is in good shape. A key element of a visual inspection is looking over its tires. There are several visual indications that tractor tires or other agricultural tires may be in poor condition. This includes faded rubber, cracked rubber, crumbling rubber or balding tread. Many of these issues are signs of dry rot, which occurs when the tires have been overexposed to sunlight or dry air. These problems may also indicate the tires are quite old, and age causes them to deteriorate. In either case, rubber that does not appear visually healthy, likely needs to be replaced for optimal operation.

Decreasing Air Pressure

If the tires on your agricultural equipment lose air rapidly or over time, they may need to be replaced. Underinflated tractor tires can cause serious performance issues that will prevent proper load distribution, cause fuel waste and even prevent operation of the tire. Whether the leak is slow or fast, it needs to be addressed to ensure the vehicle is returned to a safe and efficient operational condition.

Poor Traction

If your vehicle's wheels slip while traversing the ground, it may be time to consider new tires to regain full traction. Many modern farm vehicles are equipped with slip indicators, which inform the operator of the vehicle's traction, though someone with much experience behind the wheel of this type of equipment will be able to tell when they lose traction without such an indicator. Reducing slippage ultimately improves efficiency, saves gas and prevents the chances of becoming stuck.

Agricultural equipment tires need to be healthy to operate in an effective and efficient manner. If you experience any issues with the tires on your farm or other agricultural equipment, be sure to visit Billy Bob's Repair & Tire. We sell new tires for farm equipment in San Antonio for tractors, harvesters, sprayers, trailers, combines, cultivators and other agricultural machinery. We would be happy to inspect your vehicle's tires on location and provide on site tire changes for farm vehicles when necessary. To learn more about our services. or to request an estimate for new agricultural tires in San Antonio, give us a call at (210) 796-3891. We look forward to helping you keep your agricultural business running great.

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Posted: April 29, 2021

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