When to Replace Tractor Tires According to our San Antonio Commercial Tire Shop

When to Replace Tractor Tires According to our San Antonio Commercial Tire Shop

When to Replace Tractor Tires According to our San Antonio Commercial Tire ShopAgricultural equipment such as tractors have tires that work in harsh conditions, often traveling over rugged terrain filled with rocks and other debris that can damage them. It is important to complete routine agricultural tire inspections to ensure the rubber on your equipment is capable of performing its job as designed. If you encounter any of the following signs that it is time for new agricultural tires, be sure to visit the team at Billy Bob's Repair & Tire in San Antonio. Our commercial tire shop has rubber for every type of rig, including tractors, combines and cultivators.

Signs it is Time to Replace Tractor Tires

Pay attention for these common indicators that your agricultural equipment could benefit from new tires. Not swapping out your current set could lead to failure, causing you to become stuck or preventing you from getting your tasks completed. Scheduling tire replacement at your convenience is much better than doing it when failure occurs, which could prolong downtime.

  • Low Tread - If the depth of the original tread falls below 20 percent of its original depth, you'll likely begin losing traction, especially in moist, muddy or wet conditions. This results in a high slip rate, which increases the amount of fuel used by the tractor to get the job done. This increased slip rate also means you're spending more time trying to move than you would with full traction.
  • Air Pressure Problems - A tire that won't hold air may be suffering from a faulty valve stem, which can usually be fixed fairly easily. However, if the problem stems from a tire puncture that has resulted in a slow leak, it may be best to replace the tire. While performing tractor tire repair is possible depending on the damage, it will need to be checked out by a tire service expert to find out if repair is viable for your tire.
  • Visible Plies and Belts - If the body plies or belts of the tire are exposed due to a cut in the rubber, the tire will need to be replaced. Belts and plies are what give the tire its strength and maintain inflation pressure, so should they become damaged, the tire will be unusable.

If you've noticed any of these issues or another concern, then it is time for new tractor tires in San Antonio. For friendly and professional service, head to Billy Bob's Repair & Tire. We have a huge selection of new agricultural tires for all types of equipment. To learn more, visit our commercial tire shop in San Antonio or give us a call at (210) 796-3891 to request an estimate.

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Posted: January 2022

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