Why is it Important to Keep Up with Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Why is it Important to Keep Up with Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Choosing a Commercial Vehicle Service CenterHeavy equipment is tasked with completing some of the toughest jobs on Earth, including moving earth itself! However, without proper maintenance, that machinery could fail, resulting in many concerns for the operator or the business that owns it. While it may be tempting to skip maintenance in an effort to save a few dollars, be aware, doing so could end up costing you big time - and not just monetarily. First let's touch base on basic services for forklifts, backhoes, bulldozers and other equipment and then we'll cover why you should never skip routine heavy equipment maintenance.

What is Heavy Equipment Maintenance?

Each type of equipment will have its own maintenance needs, but in general, maintaining farm equipment, construction equipment and other large utility vehicles includes routine inspections, cleaning and replacing parts and fluids related to the hydraulics, engine, transmission, brakes and other operating systems and completing factory recommended services. Maintenance can include oil changes, fluid flushes, filter replacement, hydraulic services, tire pressure checks and more, all depending on the specific vehicle. If you're unsure of the needs of your machinery, contact a heavy equipment repair expert near you.

Why is Heavy Equipment Maintenance Necessary?

In short, without maintenance, your heavy equipment for construction, farming, roadbuilding, landscaping or otherwise, is bound to fail. While keeping up with maintenance will reduce breakdowns, there is more to it.

  • Reduce Downtime - As mentioned, routine maintenance for heavy equipment is designed to keep it operating without trouble. Delaying or disregarding maintenance needs could result in breakdowns and a need for more costly repairs.
  • Improved Safety - Unexpected failures can put the operator of the equipment at risk of injury or even death. With routine maintenance, you'll be more likely to identify trouble before it can cause any serious damage.
  • Extend Equipment Life - Heavy equipment is a major investment. By completing routine services you'll be able to maximize its life, getting your money's worth year after year.
  • Save Money - Spending money on routine maintenance will ultimately save you money down the road. Neglecting equipment of needed services will result in a need for more expensive repairs, increase the odds of having to purchase a new vehicle prematurely, and cause loss due to avoidable downtime.

Every type of vehicle requires routine maintenance, and having someone on your team who knows how to complete those services is extremely beneficial. At Billy Bob's Repair & Tire, we offer heavy equipment maintenance in San Antonio for all types of construction, farming and other vehicles. Our goal is to keep your machinery running great so you never fall behind schedule. To learn more about your equipment's needs, or to request in shop or on site heavy vehicle maintenance in San Antonio, give us a call at (210) 796-3891. We look forward to helping with your equipment service needs.

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Posted: May 31, 2021

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